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Cell Metabolism


Thank you for visiting the website of The Laboratory of Cell Metabolism, Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, KU Leuven.

The primary objectives of the lab are 1) to understand the role of peroxisomes and in particular of peroxisomal β-oxidation in diverse tissues and during different stages of life 2) to investigate the pathological mechanisms in peroxisomal diseases which should allow the development of therapies. To approach these questions we were among the first to generate mouse models for peroxisomal disorders and continued with the generation and characterization of conditional knockout mice with cell type selective deletion of peroxisomal proteins. We dispose of the broadest collection of mouse models with peroxisome deficiencies in the world. Currently, we focus on mice lacking multifunctional protein 2 (MFP2), a crucial enzyme of peroxisomal β-oxidation, either in the whole body are restricted to the central nervous system, oligodendrocytes or the innate immune system. During the last 2 decades, we have gathered a broad expertise in phenotyping and handling of mouse models with peroxisome deficiencies.

In order to accomplish this, we have several collaborations, in particular with the Laboratory for lipid analysis and protein interactions (Prof. P.P. Van Veldhoven and M. Fransen, Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, KU Leuven) and with laboratories in Europe and in the US.

For more information on current and future projects please contact:

Currently looking for motivated PhD students to investigate the role of peroxisomes in the eye and in the pancreas who can apply for national or international fellowships.