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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences



The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers educational programmes in the broad area of drug development and pharmaceutical care. It offers one bachelor’s, two master’s, and three advanced master’s programmes. It also participates in various postgraduate interdisciplinary programmes. Our dynamic educational programmes keep up with the fast-growing knowledge and expertise in all medical areas, their use in patients, and their relation with society and healthcare systems.
The intense participation of the faculty members in basic and applied research ensures the high quality of our programmes,
as do close collaborations with departments from the Faculty of Medicine, the University Hospitals Leuven (the hospital pharmacists in particular), the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Economics, the pharmaceutical industry, and many others. International collaborations of faculty members with other universities or research centres throughout the world provide ample opportunities for international student exchanges.



The educational programmes of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences cover many different aspects of drugs, including chemistry, physics, and biology, which are offered as basic courses. This knowledge is then applied to the area of pharmaceutical sciences, e.g. in pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry, pharmacology, pathology, toxicology, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical technology. Pharmaceutical care, pharmaco-economics and clinical pharmacy are also major themes.
Practical courses and training in (research) laboratories and theme-related projects provide opportunities for the students to apply their theoretical knowledge and interact critically with staff members and other experts.
Our bachelor’s programme provides a multidisciplinary basic education within the pharmaceutical sciences.
Our two master’s programmes reflect the two main fields of expertise acquired by students trained at our faculty: pharmaceutical care and drug development. The interplay between drugs, patients and health care professionals forms a central theme in the Master of Pharmaceutical Care programme.
The Master of Drug Development programme is oriented towards research, drug analysis, drug design, pharmaceutical technology, and molecular biology. Internships in community and hospital pharmacies or industry also form an important part of the training.


Study programmes



These programs are organized in Dutch, except for some optional courses organised in the master's programs. Therefore, non-Dutch speakers have to prove their proficiency in the Dutch language by passing a proficiency test after one full year of studying Dutch (requirement to pass level 5). Before international applicants can participate in the one-year preparatory Dutch language course, they must apply and be admitted academically to the bachelor program.

Advanced master’s studies program

The following advanced studies programs are taught in Dutch; non-Dutch speakers have to prove their proficiency in the Dutch language by passing a proficiency test after one full year of studying Dutch (requirement to pass level 5).


Erasmus project: KU Leuven is an internationally-oriented university. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences also stimulates its students to participate in this international exchange programme and stimulates the faculty members to attract foreign students. We have agreements with universities in Groningen (NL), Utrecht (NL),Uppsala (SE), Helsinki (FI), Paris (FR), Lyon (FR), Tours (FR), Grenoble (FR), London (UK), Aberdeen (UK), Copenhagen (DK), Aarhus (DK), Jena (DE), Frankfurt (DE), Florence (IT), Ferrara (IT),Pisa (IT), Padova (IT), Roma (IT), Vienna (AU), Oulu (FI), Leon (ES),Madrid (ES), Zagreb (HR).

Postgraduate / (pre-)doctoral education program

Information Research Laboratories