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Postgraduate / (pre-)doctoral education program

Applicants for the Postgraduate program, the Predoctoral program, and the Doctoral education program should first contact a professor from one of the laboratories linked to the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences regarding research possibilities. They need the approval of a professor who is willing to act as promoter. Applicants are required to demonstrate their proficiency in English, by submitting the results of a recognized language proficiency test or another equivalent English test.

Postgraduate Studies in Pharmaceutical Research

The postgraduate studies are meant for applicants from emerging or developing countries who were little or not exposed to scientific literature and research techniques during their bachelor's or master's studies. Applicants hold at least a 4-years Bachelors’ degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (or an equivalent qualification). Successful candidates will obtain an official KU Leuven certificate after having completed the studies.

Students are introduced to scientific work and rationale by direct practical laboratory work. The research project enables the student to conduct experimental scientific investigations within the framework of a research program in one of the laboratories linked to the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences . A number of theoretical courses expands the student's theoretical qualifications allowing him/her to conduct the experimental work with improved comprehension. During the examination, emphasis is put on the understanding and knowledge of the executed experimental work.

Students who are granted the postgraduates' degree "cum laude" (with praise, at least 70 %) or higher have fulfilled the educational requirements to be admitted to the doctoral program (provided they find a promotor).

Students will learn to

  • conduct and plan experiments independently,
  • search for and analyse scientific literature,
  • write a critical report in sound scientific language,
  • present results in front of an audience and respond to questions and comments on the subject.

Online application
Information concerning the administrative formalities before departure for Belgium can be found at

Rules to obtain a postgraduate certificate (to be consulted as soon as you have been accepted as a postgraduate student)


Doctoral / Predoctoral Education program

The doctoral program of the Faculty is part of the ‘Doctoral School Biomedical Sciences’. All information concerning scholarships, vacant positions, admission requirements, ... can be found on this website. Depending on the academic background of the applicant, admission to the doctoral education program can be obtained either after having followed a Predoctoral program or alternatively after having obtained the degree of Postgraduate Studies in Pharmaceutical Research with praise (to be decided by the doctoral commission) (see scheme and consult regulations).


Tuition fee:

Predoctoral program: 445,00 € (charged by central administration)

Postgraduate Studies in Pharmaceutical Research: 445,00 € (105 € charged by central administration + 340,00  € charged by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)



Upon registration students receive an invoice with a due date of two weeks. Payment in cash or by creditcard is not possible.

For students who default:

  • After the expiration of the due date, a first reminder is issued with a warning about administrative sanctions.
  • After another two weeks, a second reminder is issued with a warning that the registration will be suspended due to non-payment. At that moment, the student’s electronic account is closed and e-mail, Toledo, Kotnet, etc. will be unavailable.
  • After another two weeks, the student is suspended. After this, all amounts remain outstanding, and no attestations will be delivered.

A student can only participate in exams if he or she has paid all outstanding registration fees. If this condition is not fulfilled, then registration is suspended. Any results that may already have been obtained are considered to be non-existent and the student receives no credit attestations for the concerned course unit(s) (article 22 of the Exam Regulations).


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