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Doctoraatsseminaries - Doctoral seminars


Each lecture starts at 5 pm sharp!

Doctoral School Drug Design and Drug Development

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Schedule Literature seminars - Academic year 2013-2014


Time Room Doctoral Student Provisional title

Literature seminars of Thursday April 24th, 16-18h

16h O&N 2, HP6 Johan Nicolaï

Population based drug dosing

16h30 O&N 2, HP6 Yannick Debing

An introduction to hepatitits A virus

17h O&N 2, HP6 Sabrina De Winter

Computerized physician order entry in the emergency department:

the holy grail?

17h30 O&N 2, HP6 Caroline Weydert

Viral vectors as a tool in scientific research

Literature seminars of Tuesday May 6th, 12-12h30

12h O&N 2, HP4 Sanne Elsen

Cancer immunoediting

12h30 O&N 2, HP4 Sophie Geboers

First-pass metabolism from a different point of view

13h O&N 2, HP4 Xiaohua Zhou

Antibody derivatives and their therapeutic applications

Literature seminars of Thursday May 15th, 16-18h

16h O&N 2, HP6 Janneke Keemink

Intracellular Drug Concentrations: implications for the hepatocytes

16h30 O&N 2, HP6 Dieter Ory

PET radioligands for in vivo visualization of neuroinflammation

17h O&N 2, HP6 Lien Beckers

Microglia, the guardians of the brain

17h30  O&N 2, HP6  Ina Gesquiere

Iron metabolism: effect of obesity and bariatric surgery

Literature seminars of Friday May 23rd, 10-12h

10h Rega Institute, lecture room 2nd floor Elena Eremeeva

In vitro selection of nucleic acids for new drug development

10h40 Rega Institute, lecture room 2nd floor Swarup De

Bioisoterism: An useful tool for Molecular Modification and Drug Design

17h Rega Institute, lecture room 2nd floor Rania Abou El-Asrar

Sequencing Technologies - the next generation

Literature seminars of Wednesday June 4th, 12-14h

12h O&N 2, HP6 Lize Bollen

Risk assessment for venous trhomboembolism

12h30 O&N 2, HP6 Niels van Boxtel

Applications of ion mobility spectrometry in pharmaceutical research

13h O&N 2, HP6 Elien Rosier

Time since death: science or estimation?

13h30 O&N 2, HP6 Stijn Hendrickx

Microchip electrophoretic separation techniques

PhD students of the DDD program are required to attend at least two sessions of literature seminars (given by their fellow students) each year.